Hundreds of gullible Indian students face risk of deportation any time soon from New Zealand

 Indian students face risk of deportation

As hundreds of Indian students are at risk of being deported imminently, one of New Zealand’s top immigration lawyers, Alastair McClymont, is urging for a more severe screening of foreign education agents by private educational institutions in New Zealand.

Immigration NZ has issued deportation liability notices to several Indian students after investigating carefully the visa application documents that unlicensed Indian education agents prepared on behalf of them.

According to McClymont, whose firm is trying to protect the interests of these vulnerable students, said that private institutions of New Zealand are authorising these unscrupulous education agents to supply students to their institutions and are collecting 15 percent commission on average per student.

McClymont is of the view that these agents must give consent to NZ schools for conducting character checks with Immigration NZ before they are signed up. New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA), which has the mandate to set the standards for the programmes, should intervene to bring down the number of scams by demanding that all education agents employed by NZ private education institutions need to be licensed.

Shortcuts are taken by Indian education agents because many Indian citizens find it tough to prove where they got their money to fund their studies from. McClymont asserted that education agents engineering these types of scams need to be brought to book.

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