India, Russia to announce new mutual visa regime in October

India and Russia to announce mutual facilitation of the process for tourists

India and Russia are slated to announce regarding a mutual facilitation of the process for tourists entry into both countries. This was stated by Pankaj Saran, the Indian Ambassador to Russia.

Kommersant cites Interfax, which quotes Saran as saying that very soon they would be making an announcement to facilitate tourist tours between India and Russia. The announcement would be made just ahead of the BRICS summit in the state of Goa in India. He, however, did not elaborate as to what exactly the procedure for facilitating the visa regime would entail.

Oleg Safonov, the head of the Federal Tourism Agency, had earlier stated that Russia and India were planning to hold talks about the possibility of allowing visa-free group tourist tours. Meanwhile, Saran clarified that discussions on this issue were already taking place.

Leaders of India and Russia will have a meeting on 15 October in Goa before the BRICS summit takes off.

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