Immigrants to Germany peak in 2015

Immigrants to Germany touched a record from the EU

Immigrants to Germany touched a record as 685,484 people from the other countries in the European Union (EU) entered the country in 2015.

The largest number of arrivals came from Romania with a figure close to 175,000, following close on their heels were Poles with nearly 150,000, and Bulgarians took the third slot with almost 70,000, said Agence France Presse quoting official figures accessed by Die Welt daily from the BAMF (Federal Office for Migration and Refugees).

Of the total number of migrants entering Germany, 303,036 went back with the net increase staying at 382,449, as per the news released on 2 July. The reasons for so many EU nationals entering Germany is the country’s strong economic fundamentals and low jobless figures.

In the month of April, German government laid out a proposal to reduce significantly the access of EU migrants’ to welfare funds.

Currently, 4.1 million citizens belonging to the European Union nations reside in Germany.

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