95% Of Jobs In Australia Taken Up By Immigrants Since 2011

A  report (Immigration and Unemployment in 2014) written by Bob Birrell and Ernest Healy of Monash University in Melbourne has revealed that, ‘that there have been 400,000 jobs created in the Australian economy since 2011 and that migrants who have arrived in the country since that year have taken 380,000 of them; 95% of the total’! 

Dr. Birell apparently has been a long standing critic of Australia’s immigration policy as he is of the firm opinion that this policy has been the cause for lack of jobs in Australian residents. The report says that net immigration into Australia runs at about 240,000 per year, as it has done for some years. This level was set during a boom in the Australian economy and now, Dr. Birrell says, it is far too high.

The professor cites three major points for the increase in immigrant jobs.

  • The Shortage Occupation List is outdated
  • Students allowed to stay beyond their study term
  • Rules governing employer sponsorship for temporary and permanent visas

The report also states that a great number of migrants who are in the country find it convenient to transfer from one visa to another through visa churning process, hence continue to work and stay illegally in the country. The recommendations in the report hint at:

  • A reduction in the number of permanent migrants accepted by Australia
  • Skilled labor which is in short supply in the country to be allowed entry
  • A ceiling on the number of temporary work visas issued
  • Visa churning to be limited
  • Training to be provided to Australian citizens if there are skill shortages.

Source: Herald Sun and Work Permit

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