Highest number of immigrants to Canada come from India!

Highest number of immigrants to Canada from India!

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The Citizenship Immigration Canada in its midyear report, pointed out that Indians are on the top of the list of people applying for Canada immigration through the Express Entry System. The report also revealed the difference between countries of origin and countries of residence. To clarify further, the country from which an individual lives and applies while the country of origin is where one is born.

The changes observed

In terms of applications from the country of residence, UAE ranks ninth in this category of applicants. Although, Canada’s Federal Immigration System has been brought under single entry system at the federal level from the month of January this year, applications can still be made through the provincial programmes.
The report further indicates that since July 6th 2015, India has occupied the number of one position in terms of applicants from country of origin.

India’s position

To be precise Indians account for a 20.8 percent of the applications given for Canada. This comes to 2,687 applicants from India alone. Next on the list of highest number of applicants is the United States of America, which is followed by Filipinos, Britons, Irish and finally the Chinese. It is strange to see that Canada herself tops the list of applicants from the country of residence.

The reasons behind greater success of applicants from Canada are their possession of the job offers and their Canadian experience. India follows Canada in the list of applicants from countries of residence, followed by U.S, Philippines and then U.K. The Express Entry System ranks applicants based on the points they earn for factors like qualifications in the personal and professional category.

Original Source: Emirates24/7

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