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Posted on May 09 2024

Google and Amazon suspend U.S. Green Card applications. What's the alternative?

By  Editor
Updated May 09 2024

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Highlights: Google and Amazon have paused U.S. Green Card applications!

  • Amazon and Google have suspended green card applications because of difficulty processing more applications.
  • Amazon and Google have halted accepting PERM applications from 2023.
  • International job seekers looking for jobs in the US have other alternate options like Canada PR and Australia PR.
  • Google asked the US government to update the immigration rules for US green cards as the company is looking for experts in AI technology.


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Amazon and Google have pulled back on the green card application

According to TOI, Amazon and Google have paused the process of green card applications as it has become tougher. A recent report by Business Insider said that both companies had suspended PERM applications in 2023 and might continue in 2024. Google said it will not start the PERM application process until Q1 2025.

Meanwhile, Amazon has informed its employees it will continue to pause all new PERM applications in 2024.


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What is the PERM application?

PERM is a permanent labor certification given by the Department of Labour that allows a company in the US to hire a foreign worker to work permanently in the country. It is always referred to as the first step of getting a green card, which allows the green card holder to live and work permanently in the US.

Pausing PERM applications means international job seekers looking for tech roles in the US must find other options beyond usual places like Silicon Valley and New York City.

Amazon and Google have stopped processing PERM applications. Meta, the parent company of Facebook, is said to pause green card sponsorships, albeit much slower, with the process now taking "a year or more," according to a current employee.


What are the alternative options for international job seekers?

The alternative option for international job seekers is Canada PR and Australia PR.

Canada PR

Canada is famous for its thriving job market and its welcoming immigration policies that make it a sought-after destination for professionals across the world. International job seekers can reside, work, and study in any Province or territory of Canada by applying for Canada PR. Medical Hospitals and Social Benefits are well protected by Canadian Law, and English and French languages are very popular across many countries. The presence of local people with different religious beliefs and cultures increases the likelihood of a world-famous immigration destination. You must be fluent in French and English to complete the PR qualification for Canada.


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Australia PR

Australia is renowned for its strong economy and diverse industries, providing a wide range of job opportunities for local and international professionals with Australia PR. By relocating to Australia, job seekers can advance their careers and enjoy a stable life outside of work. There is no recession in Australia from past 3 years.


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