Germany gets rated as best country overall at WEF

Germany was rated as the best country overall in the world

Germany was rated as the best country overall in the world when certain key factors were taken into consideration. This was made known on 5 September at the WEF (World Economic Forum) in Davos, Switzerland.

Although Canada was ranked number one as far as quality of life was concerned, Germany scored over its North American counterpart in entrepreneurship by bagging the first rank in this aspect.

According to US News, sixty countries were considered for ranking. The West European country scored seventh among all countries in both aspects of quality of life and citizenship.

The sub-ranking of citizenship takes into account factors such as religious freedom, trustworthiness, human rights and gender equality.

While economic stability, good opportunities for employment, safety, political stability, public services, including education and health, income quality, among others, are some aspects that are covered in the quality of life index.

It was ranked fourth as far power was concerned. The factors considered here were a country’s influence economically, international relations, military strength, leadership, political influence among others.

It, however, ranked forty-fifth on adventure sub-rankings where the factors taken into account were pleasant climate, scenery, friendliness, fun, etc.

On the other hand, it was rated the third most influential country and fourth most forward-looking country.

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