Germany exempts visa processing for Chinese diplomats

Germany exempts visa processing for Chinese diplomats

Visa processing has been exempted for Chinese diplomats and the processing times have been reduced for business visas to 48 hours and tourist visas to 72 hours. The next step would entail reducing considerably the number of documents and items needed for tourist visa applications.

German Ambassador to China Michael Clauss said that he expected China to reciprocate in order to boost bilateral ties between the two in the sectors of the economy, politics and scientific research.

These remarks were made ahead of German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s scheduled trip China during June 12-14. Merkel will be present at the fourth round of China-Germany governmental discussions in Beijing.

Clauss said that since products of China make, such as Huawei and ZTE, are well received in Germany, China should similarly accept German products in food, agriculture, medicine and other areas.

It was reported that the German government was committed in its stand to having an accommodating attitude towards Chinese investment, without any laws or rules limiting commercial transactions.

Not loans but access and innovation were the key elements in strengthening the global economy, according to statements from spokespersons of both countries.

Since India and Germany are also cosying up to each other, we can expect a similar agreement to be reached between India and Germany.

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