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Posted on March 28 2024

5 EU countries adapt new work visa policies to fill manpower shortage. Apply now!

By  Editor
Updated March 28 2024

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Highlights: Five EU countries to adapt new work policies!

  • European countries are set to adopt new work permit policies to address the labor shortages.
  • Several EU countries have also set work permit quotas.
  • Norway, Slovakia, Slovenia, Germany, and Hungary are 5 EU countries that announced changes in work permit policies.  
  • Most of the work permit programs now have simplified application processes.


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List of 5 EU countries set to adapt new work permit policies

The European Union and EEA are facing labor shortages and looking to hire skilled foreign workers. The countries are altering their work permit policies and programs to hire qualified foreign workers with annual work permit quotas.


The list of five European countries that are reforming their work policies are:


1.      Norway

Norway will now have streamlined processes for skilled workers. The country aims to issue 6,000 residence permits for skilled workers in 2024. The Ministry of Labour focuses on having a simplified process for skilled workers to fill in the labor shortages in several sectors within the country.


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2.      Slovakia

Slovakia offers a wide range of visa options with a comprehensive quota system. The country is offering visas for both highly qualified and skilled foreign workers. Slovakia assigned 2,000 visa slots for skilled workers and 3,000 highly qualified professionals. Transportation and healthcare are the two sectors with the most job vacancies.   


3.      Germany

Germany has a 25,000 work permit quota for foreigners in 2024. Nationals from the Western Balkans will be given additional provisions to address shortages in different sectors. The Federal Foreign Office announced a 50,000 annual quota for the nationals of Western Balkans that will be implemented from June 2024.


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4.      Slovenia

Unlike the other EU countries, Slovenia does not have quotas for foreign workers. The country follows a case-by-case process to assess the labor needs in the country. The government focuses on streamlined hiring processes while preventing unauthorized employment.


5.      Hungary

Hungary plans on restricting the intake of residence and work permits in 2024 to 65,000. The government intends to limit employment in around 300 occupations to prioritize citizens of Hungary in the job market.


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3 Step Guide to find your European work permit path

Here’s a 3-step guide for seasonal or skilled workers seeking European opportunities.


Step 1: Research

Explore the work permit requirements and application processes for the country of your choice.   


Step 2: Highlighting your skills

Exhibit your qualifications and showcase how you can contribute to the labor shortages.  


Step 3: Be fully prepared 

Be prepared for the outcome, as some countries prefer prioritizing their citizens.  


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Germany allows foreign students to work 9 months ahead the course and 2 years after the degree


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Web Story:  5 EU countries adapt new work visa policies to fill manpower shortage. Apply now!


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