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Posted on February 27 2024

Estonia hosts 4 million tourists generating 1.23 billion in revenue

By  Editor
Updated February 27 2024

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Highlights: 1.23 billion euros generated by 4 million tourists in Estonia!

  • Estonia welcomed 4 million foreign visitors in 2023, contributing 1.23 billion euros to the economy.
  • A total of 2,947,299 trips were made in Estonia in 2023.
  • Most number of visits was made from Finland, followed by the United Kingdom.  
  • Furthermore, countries outside EU saw an increase in visits by 20%.


4 million tourists in Estonia spent 1.23 billion euros in 2023

According to the latest data by Bank of Estonia, nearly 4 million foreign tourists were welcomed in Estonia in 2023, contributing 1.23 billion euros to the economy during their visit. Statistical report shows that foreigners who arrived in Estonia reached 2,947,299 trips in 2023, a total of 13% increase from the 3.5 million visits in 2022.


Foreign visitors spending in the nation witnessed a significant growth during the same period, with a total increase of €178 million compared to last year and the total expenditure of €1.23 billion in 2023.


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Estonia witnesses most number of visits from Finland with 21% increase

Estonia received the largest number of visitors from Finland in 2023, followed by United Kingdom that emerged as the non-EU country with the most number of visitors to Estonia.


Number of visitors in Estonia

Increase in percentage


1,750,000 visitors


United Kingdom

128,000 visitors



Additional data reveals that a total of 200,000 day trippers visited Estonia, marking 39% of total visits. Overnight stays had a significant increase during the same period, with every visit totaling 3.4 nights, representing 11% of total increase. 


Finland emerged as popular destination for foreign visits

Additionally, Finland emerged as the popular destination for foreign visits, with most number of visits being from Estonia, followed by Latvia.


Number of visits to Finland

Increase in percentage


536,000 visits



455,000 visits



Countries outside EU witnessed a significant increase in visits by 20%. Russia secured the top most visited destination with 145,000 visits, followed by Türkiye making 110,000 visits.


One day visits in foreign counties increased by 15%, representing a total of 17% visits. Similarly, stays overseas increased by 290,000 visits, with each visit lasting an average of 3.6 nights.


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Estonia hosts 4 million tourists, generating 1.23 billion in revenue


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Estonia welcomes 4 million tourists

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