Donald Trump will not drop H1-B visas, says influential senator of Republican Party

H1-B visas weaker as this visa regime is beneficial to the economy of the US and the Americans

Donald Trump is unlikely to make the H1-B visas weaker as this visa regime is beneficial to the economy of the US and the Americans, as informed by the influential senator of the Republican Party. This visa is much sought after by the IT firms in India and IT professionals.

The Chairman of Senate Finance Committee Orion Hatch has said that he had met Donald Trump several number of times and discussed with him the financial advantages of sustaining and increasing the H1-B visas. This visa is very popular among the professionals in IT sector from India, as quoted by Gadgetsnow.

Hatch was quoted by a media technology firm ‘Morning Consult’ that the time he had spent with Trump discussing the H1-B visas has convinced him that US President will take a practical stand on the issue of H1-B visas.

The Senate member from Utah also added that H1-B visas were something that created job opportunities and contributed to the economy. Trump will be able to keep aside political considerations and it was expected of him to do so. He also went on to say that he would assure that Trump takes a practical decision on the issue.

It is also expected Hatch will be launching a draft centered on technology and titled ‘Agenda for Innovation for the 115th US Congress’. Hatch will be advocating an increase of H1-B visas in this agenda.

A non-migrant visa that permits firms in the US to hire overseas workers in the skilled and expert jobs mandating technical expertise, the H1-B visas are the ones on which the tech firms in the US are largely dependent for recruiting thousands of employees annually.

Hatch had also made similar attempts in 2015. He had introduced a bill in the US Congress to increase the annual ceiling of the H1-B visas to 195, 000 to 115,000 by assessing the market need in the US.

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