Donald Trump trumps Indian students in the US

Donald Trump trumps Indian students in the US

Amid the hullabaloo in the US Elections and the Primary that is currently in the making, one of the most talked about candidates who could be the next US President is Mr. Donald Trump, who recently pulled a rabbit out of the hat when he opined publicly that Indian students in the US should be allowed to stay back. The surprising welcome comes with another opinion that Indian students are smart and should not be “kicked-out” from the country.

Clarifying on his earlier statement to get jobs back to the US and to deport immigrants, the front-runner for the Republican Party says, “Whether we like that or not, they pay, et cetera, et cetera but we educate a lot of people, very smart people. We need those people in the country.” He further adds on the H-1B visa for skilled work immigrants, “Many people want to stay in this country and then want to do that. I think somebody that goes through years of college in this country we shouldn’t kick them out the day they graduate, which we do.”

Specifically on the Indian students studying in US universities, “You know, they go to Harvard, they are first in their class and they’re from India they go back to India and they setup companies and they make a fortune and they employ lots of people and all of that.” His suggestion only adds to the education and economic immigration that has gripped developed countries and their media. Y-Axis has written many articles on this topic for free market rules and easy immigration. Specifically on the students, there are many floating opinions that students, including Indians, should be allowed to stay back in the US on the OPT (Optional Practical Training) for 3 year, post their education in the US under the H-1B short term skilled work immigration visa and add to US employment and its economy. Students studying (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) STEM programs have been specifically instrumental in extending the OPT period of stay in the US.

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Source: The Indian Express

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