Denmark to reduce regulations for overseas working students

The Danish government to ease regulations for foreign student

The Danish government has decided to ease regulations on when foreign students should be deported or forced to leave if it is felt that they have been employed for too long in the wake of many eminent cases being brought to light by the media.

Inger Støjberg, the immigration and integration minister of Denmark, has said that changes would be initiated to rules which are inflexible and tend to bracket all working foreigners.

CPH Post cites Politiken news daily that quotes Støjberg as saying that there would be differentiation in the future between grave transgressions and less severe cases.

Presently, students belonging to emerging economies are allowed to work for only up to 20 hours a week, excepting in summer. Violating this rule may cause them to be deported.

Under the new regulations, the powers that be must keep tabs to find out if the students have been overworking every third month. If it is proven so, they should assess precisely the nature and the degree of the breaches.

If the students have worked for more than 30 hours a week without a work permit, they may be considered serious offenses.

The parties which have supported the change to these rules are Enhedslisten, Socialdemokratiet and Radikale. Dan Jørgensen, Socialdemokratiet’s immigration spokesperson, said that as their country requires enticing skilled overseas workers, it is not in their interest to be expelling people who might have inadvertently put in an extra hour or two than permissible.

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