Czech rectors urge its Education Ministry to ease visa regulations to attract foreign nationals

Czech Republic visa policy is hindering foreign nationals

Following a meeting with Czech rectors on 30 September, Charles University rector Tomas Zima said that their country’s visa policy is hindering foreign nationals from studying and teaching at educational institutions in the Czech Republic.

Zima, heading the Czech Rectors’ Conference, pressed the Education Ministry to thresh out the issue with the interior and foreign ministries.

Czech News Agency, or CTK, quotes Ivo Medek, JAMU (Janacek Academy of music and Performing Arts) rector in Brno, as saying that the diplomatic offices were unable to handle the visa applicants of all people evincing interest in studying in the Czech Republic.

According to Zima, the lack of manpower at Czech diplomatic missions and their unenthusiastic approach in acquiring good student were the major problems.

He added that unlike Poland and Hungary, the Czech Republic does not have enough inter-governmental scholarships in place.

Michaela Lagronova, Foreign Ministry spokeswoman, was quoted by CTK as telling them that the function of Czech diplomatic missions in processing long-term study stays applications is mainly administrative.

According to her, while the Interior Ministry decides on the applications, the diplomatic missions only convey the results to the applicants.

Lagronova said that a lot of interest was seen at times, more so in the former countries of the Soviet republic and from Asia.

Meanwhile, the Foreign Ministry said that it was trying to address this issue.

Pavel Belobradek, Deputy Prime Minister for Research, is also said to have thrown his lot to hire Turkish experts this summer.

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