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Posted on July 29 2020

COVID-19: The EU adopts new measures for cross-border travel

By Editor
Updated May 10 2023

Affirming its commitment to “playing its part in regaining the confidence of the European Union citizens in cross-border collective passenger transport systems” the Council of the European Union has adopted – on Friday, July 24, 2020 – a set of conclusions for the same.

The conclusions [9699/20], approved by the Council, pertain to “Compliance with the necessary hygiene and infection control measures to ensure cross border collective passenger transport".

The new set of Council conclusions aim at restoring the confidence of the passengers and workers through minimizing the risk of infection in cross-border shared passenger transport systems.

The conclusions include the promotion of infection control measures, along with basic hygiene, that would be applicable to all collective passenger transport services that operate across the borders within the EU.

The EU seeks to promote the use of a coordinated and reliable set of measures protecting the health of the public in general as well as the staff employed in the cross-border collective passenger transport sector.

As per the Council’s statement in the document, these measures are being introduced “in order to preserve and strengthen the single market while restoring full connectivity.”

The Council points out that cross-border services will only be able to operate efficiently if the measures for all modes of transport are transparent and clearly communicated so that the travellers are aware as to the recommendations and obligations applicable.

In particular, the EU suggests that the following measures should be promoted and coordinated by the member states –

  • All travellers will be required to maintain the needed safety distance from each other, wherever possible. This will not be for members of the same household or family.
  • Options enabling the reduction of physical contact must be used whenever possible. For example, digital ticketing.
  • Border crossing to be made possible through minimal contact between passengers and staff.
  • Masks to be carried by travellers for covering their mouth and nose on all means of transport providing cross-border collective passenger services.
  • A regular supply of fresh air as well as satisfactory circulation of fresh air is to be ensured on all means of transport.
  • Disinfecting is to be intensified on all means of transport that are operating cross-border.

Additionally, the EU Council urges cross-border transport operators to make information – on recommended behaviour and hygiene rules – available both on their websites as well as application software for mobiles.

A suggestion has also been made for all Member States to coordinate actions taken amongst themselves, actively and regularly exchanging their views on best practices in the fight for the containment of COVID-19.

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