Citizens of Georgia, Ukraine eligible to travel visa free to 26 countries in EU

Georgians and Ukrainians travel visa-free to EU countries in the Schengen area

Georgians and Ukrainians can now travel visa-free to 26 European countries in the Schengen area, following an agreement reached on 8 December between the delegations of the two said nations and the members of the European Union.

Reuters quotes Donald Tusk, president of the European Council, as saying on Twitter that the agreement has yet to be implemented.

It is said that the EU would benefit quite a bit from the agreement reached with Georgia and Ukraine. Allowing citizens of these two countries to travel visa-free in Schengen zone would incentivise both Georgia and Ukraine to implement reforms in accordance with European norms.

These two countries join more than fifty countries whose nationals can travel visa-free to Schengen area. But the agreement can be annulled for a period of up to nine months if there is a surfeit of asylum seekers from both these countries.

Meanwhile, citizens of Turkey and Kosovo are also waiting to get a similar status. But they need to they fulfil certain criteria before they can travel visa-free to Schengen nations.

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