Canada’s Parent and Grandparent Visa Program to Re-open from 2nd Jan

Canada Super Family Visa, Parents and Grandparents visa

Canada will re-open parents and grandparents visa program from January 2nd, 2015 and accept a maximum of 5000 applications.

Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) has announced re-opening of Parent and Grandparent visa program from January 2nd, 2015. Chris Alexander, the minister of CIC, in his address said that Canada has issued 70,000 visas under the program since 2012.

It is one of the most successful initiatives by CIC in the recent past to unite families of Canadian citizens with their parents and grandparents living abroad. “Canada has one of the most generous family reunification programs in the world and we are taking action to reduce backlogs and improve processing times – so that families are reunited with their loved ones more quickly,” said Mr. Alexander.

Canada issues a 10 year multiple entry visa with no renewal requirement for 2 years after landing in Canada. The success rate for applications for this Super Family Visa is 80% with processing time lesser than usual.

In 2015, CIC will accept a maximum of 5,000 new, complete applications and any application received before the aforementioned date won’t be accepted. It is indeed a good opportunity for parents and grandparents to visit their children in Canada and spend quality time with them.

News Source: Voice Online


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