Canada visa changes for Australians will have huge impact on labor markets and businesses


Canada visa changes for Australians working in the nation will have a huge impact on labor markets and businesses in Whistler according to immigration experts. Two years ago Australian nationals in the age range of 18 to 30 years were eligible for a 2-year visa through the Working holiday visa agreement. They were also able to reapply several times as long as they retained the eligibility.

However, from 2015, Canada visa changes for Australians resulted in the Australians being able to apply for the Working Holiday visa only once. The immigration experts are saying that many of these visas are now on the verge of expiry, as quoted by the CBC CA News.

Brooke Finlay the Immigration Director of Whistler has said that it is a well-known fact that Australians constitute a large proportion of the labor force in Whistler. Thus Canada visa changes for Australians will definitely have an impact as the visas cannot be renewed now, added the Director.

Finlay further elaborated that Canada working holiday visa facilitated to bring several workers to the nation who were crucial for the economy of Whistler. Apart from Australia nationals, overseas workers from the UK, Japan as well as Canada citizens from Quebec are also relied upon in Whistler.

The current scarcity of labor is not merely the result of Canada visa changes for Australians for the Working holiday visas. Employers in Whistler are confronted with this labor shortage for some years now, said Finlay. The visa changes just add to the intensity of labor scarcity, explained Ms. Finlay.

The Immigration Director of Whistler said that Australia nationals affected by the visa changes can opt for other visas. This includes Provisional Foreign Workers Program or the Labor Market Impact Assessment.

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