Canada to make permanent residency easy for students

Canada make permanent residency easy for students

Recently, we published a news article on the Nova Scotia regions willingness to increase its number of economic immigrants. More news from Canada, but this time for current as well as potential Canada student immigrants, Canada’s Minister for Immigration John McCallum says that the Federal Government is going to examine ways to create an easier method of immigration for international students.

Minister McCallum said, “International students are the best source of immigrants, in the sense that they’re educated, they’re young, they speak English or French, they know something of the country. So we should be doing everything we can do to court them.”

His comments might have important implications for the region of Nova Scotia that welcomes hundreds of international student immigrants annually and has been pushing the government to draw in more student immigrants. Minister John McCallum said that the Liberal Government wants to ease some rules to create an easier path for international students who are “shortchanged” by categorical entry to get permanent residency.

“International students have been shortchanged by the express entry system,” McCallum said. “They are the cream of the crop, in terms of potential future Canadians.”

He also mentioned that the present categorical Express Entry scheme makes it tough for university students to realize permanent residence. The Canadian Express Entry system is a program that matches students & their education profiles with potential employers. However, several students are rejected by the program as a result of it selects immigrants who are specifically skilled to fill occupations in the occupation shortage lists. McCallum mentioned the Federal Government can work with regional governments on ways to reform the points based system. Those reforms could increase the number of points an immigrant gains towards permanent residence by virtue of studying in a Canadian university. It might also mean a decrease in the number of points the candidates gains for receiving a permanent job, since students usually struggle to find job offers that have government support.

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Original Source : CBC

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