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Posted on June 14 2024

Canada issued more than 60,000 LMIAs in 2023

By  Editor
Updated June 14 2024

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Highlights: Canada issued more than 60,000 LMIAs to support the hiring of foreign workers!

  • The Canadian government issued more than 60,000 LMIAs to support the recruiting of foreign workers in 2023.
  • In March of 2024, Canada announced changes to the TFWP and LMIAs.
  • The three top positions that received LMIAs were within the administrative, construction, and farming sectors.
  • Canada uses the NOC system to categorize and classify professions within the Canadian economy.


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60,000 LMIAs were issued in 2023

The Canadian government issued more than 60,000 LMIAs to support the recruiting of international workers in 2023. Jobs that receive LMIAs are often highly in demand within Canada. Most positions that received LMIAs were within the administrative, construction, farming, technology and technology management, transport, logistics, and food-service sectors of the economy. Candidates for these positions received their work permits under different streams of the Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP), the main immigration program that issues LMIA-supported work permits.


An LMIA is the Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) supported work permit. To be eligible to support a work permit application, the LMIA must have a positive, or neutral result—with a negative result, makes the position ineligible for this kind of work permit. LMIA also helps to determine whether a Canadian citizen or permanent resident is ready to fill a job position.


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Top ten jobs that received LMIAs in 2023

Job Title

LMIAs Issued in 2023

General Farm Workers




Food service supervisors


Food counter attendants, kitchen helpers, and related support occupations


Administrative assistants


Retail sales supervisors


Information systems analysts and consultants


Computer programmers and interactive media developers


Transport truck drivers


Construction trades helpers and laborers


Administrative officers



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Information to Newcomers

Newcomers who require an LMIA should target jobs that have received a higher number of LMIAs in the past. Also, newcomers should note that their employers will be responsible for applying for the LMIA and completing the fee payment linked to it. Employers must follow TFWP standards while applying for an LMIA.


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