Business visas to Saudi Arabia to be granted within a day

Saudi Arabia granting of business visas to overseas investors within one day

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has put in place a new process, which will allow granting of business visas to overseas investors within one day.

Arab News quoted Usama Nugali, the country’s Foreign Ministry official, as conveying this piece of news on 8 January.

It was implemented with intent to allow investors from abroad to procure business visas electronically within 24 hours.

The application system for business delegations and individual businesspeople was said to have become effective from 1 January.

A similar process for visit visas for business houses operating in Saudi Arabia will also be instituted within the coming few days.

Implemented in line with the Council of Economic and Development Affairs directives, the measure was introduced to encourage the investment climate in Arabia in order to boost business development in the private sector.

The SAGIA (Saudi Arabian General Investment Authority) is now initiating contacts with business persons who were given visas in a bid to stimulate investment in the country.

Henceforth, SAGIA authorities will be processing requests of overseas business delegations in two days unlike the 30-day period currently.

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