Bangladeshis Can Opt To Avail UK Visas From India

Bangladesh Avail UK Visas From IndiaBangladeshis now have the option to get visas from New Delhi. The British High Commission in New Delhi will evaluate the essential documents and issue visas to them from 1st October, 2014.

This will help those who are in transit and do not need to go to Dhaka or Sylhet to process the same. However the time, quality and duration taken to process the visa shall remain the same. The official UK visa centres in Bangladesh will take the necessary steps in obtaining the necessary information needed to process the visas.

Out of three stages needed to process their visas, two phases such as Decisions on Settlement and Points Based System applications are evaluated in New Delhi. Given the modification in the processing system, from 7th September onwards, all Bangladeshi visa applications will be evaluated from New Delhi, fees and other charges remaining the same. The usual, 15 standard working ways for non-settlement cases and 60 days for settlement cases shall also continue.

News Source: Visa Reporter

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