Applications invited for International Experience Canada Program 2017

International Experience Canada Program has commenced

The process of accepting applications for immigration to Canada in 2017 under the International Experience Canada Program has commenced. This is an opportunity for innumerable overseas immigrants around the world to stay and have a job in Canada on a provisional basis. Deserving immigrants from nations that have a mutual arrangement with Canada are eligible to apply for immigration on the basis of their nation and group.

International Experience Canada is a very renowned migration authorization amongst the global youngsters. People who migrate to Canada under this authorization to stay and work in Canada often tend to remain here for a much longer duration. There are many instances wherein the immigrants secure a permanent residence after they are fascinated for much that Canada offers as a destination for calling it as home.

This immigrant authorization initiative has three groups: Job Vacation visa, Skilled Youth and Global co-operation. The Job vacation visa is the most popular migration authorization as it permits applicants to secure an open job authorization. This kind of work authorization allows the applicant to work for any company in Canada. The CIC news was quoted as saying that an individual is eligible for immigration authorization under more than one of these groups depending on his nationality and individual conditions.

In 2016 certain changes were introduced for the IEC program. As per the reformed system, the applicants have to first generate a profile under the IEC and enter a group of applicants under their nation and group. Candidates who qualify under multiple categories have to apply under all the groups under which they qualify. Only those applicants who receive the Invitation to apply are eligible to process their work authorization. The invitations are given to candidates on a random basis at regular intervals depending on their nation and group.

This system launched in 2016 is applicable even for the year 2017. Applicants who are eligible can create their profiles commencing from 17, October 2016. However, they have to receive an ITA to be eligible to process their application completely.

Job Vacation visa

Candidates who wish to apply under this category must have a passport with one of the nations that have the mutual youth movement agreement with Canada. The work authorization will be for the period of validity of the passport. They must also qualify under the permissible age limits in this group. The age limit is dependent on the candidate’s nationality.

The candidates must possess C$2,500 worth currency at the time of arrival to Canada. They must also be able to avail the health insurance for the period that they stay in Canada. The applicants must be permissible to Canada and possess the money to avail the departure ticket at the completion of stay in Canada. They should also not have dependents accompanying them.

Skilled Youth

This category of IEC is meant for youngsters who desire to promote their career through a job in Canada. Prior to an application under this category, the candidates must have an authorized job letter or an agreement for employment from a Canadian company.

The job letter should be relevant to the applicant’s work experience or the skills. The letter of employment must also be categorized as Skill type level A, B, or A under the National Occupation Code. The eligibility conditions for the Job Vacation visa also hold good for this category of Skilled Youth work authorization.

Global Co-operation

The overseas nationals who are studying their master’s degree in their native country are eligible for the Global Co-operation work authorization. They must be required to complete duration of employment or internship in Canada in order to complete their educational program and must be students on record at their nation for the period of the work authorization under this category.

The applicants must also possess a job letter or employment agreement or internship in Canada that fulfills the educational program of their native nation. The eligibility conditions for the Job Vacation visa also hold good for this category of Global Co-operation work authorization.

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