6 PIO Firms Listed Under 100 Rapidly Growing Businesses In US

Indians are not only occupying superior positions, heading key strategic posts outside India, they are outshining others when it comes to expanding their businesses. A list brought out by Fortune and The Initiative for a Competitive Inner City, has been researching into those firms that are thought to be growing rapidly in the US. Of the 100 in the list, 6 are those of Indians!

The Initiative for a Competitive Inner City (ICIC), led by Michael Porter of Harvard Business School investigates and ascertains 100 fastest growing businesses within the cities of America. These businesses could be a mix of the eclectic to traditional. They were ranked based on an overall growth in their revenues to growth over a 5 year period (2009 to 2013).

Perry Mehta founder of FutureNet GroupFutureNet Group– Ranked 17th in the list. Headed by Indian born Perry Mehta, the firm has interests in services, technology, construction, environment and security. The firm’s 5 year growth rate has been 498.2% while its revenues in 2013 were $97 million.

Shyam Gulati founder of InfoPeople CorporationInfoPeople Corporation – Ranked 30 in the list, the firm is headed by Shyam Gulati (right). InfoPeople deals in software project development and infrastructure management. InfoPeople serves companies in India and the US, together with non-profit institutions, utility services and government departments. The firm saw a growth rate of 381% garnering revenues over $10 million in 2013.

True Fabrications co-foundersTrue Fabrications – Ranking 43rd on the Fortune list, True Fabrications is based in Seattle and founded by three friends Dhruv Agarwal (far right), Nik Patel (far left) and Ben Inadomi (centre). The firm deals in marketing thousands of wine retailers from around the world and is a leading wine lifestyle brand in the US. It recorded a growth rate of 305.6% garnering revenues around $23 million in 2013.

Max Kothari and Parag Metha Founders of Express KitchensExpress Kitchens – Ranking 67, founded in 2002 by Max Kothari (left) and Parag Metha, Express Kitchens has a growth rate of 172.1% with its 2013 revenues at $14 million.

Westcoast Trucking deals in retail compliance-Jay PatelWestcoast Trucking – Ranking 68 on the Fortune List, Westcoast Trucking, founded by Jay Patel, deals in retail compliance, third party ware housing, E.D.I services and order fulfillment. The firm recorded a five year growth rate of 168.1%.

Star Hardware – Ranking 87, headed by CEO Parul Kothari, this Hartford based firm relies on local businesses and has seen a 5 year growth of 88.7%.

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News Source: Times of India

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