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Posted on February 27 2024

10 licenses to double your income in Canada

By  Editor
Updated April 15 2024

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Highlights: 10 licenses to earn more in Canada

  • Having an appropriate license in Canada will help you advance your career.
  • You will have an opportunity to earn more income than 9-5 jobs.
  • A license will help you work in any industry, like healthcare, transportation, skilled trades, or the service industry.


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Canadian Licenses for high-paying careers in 2024


Trade Red Seal Certification

The Trade Red Seal Certification covers carpentry, plumbing, and welding occupations. People with this license are offered an easy pathway to permanent residency (PR). Acquiring this Certification will allow you to get good hourly pay, and there is an increasing demand for skilled tradespeople in Canada.


Commercial Driver’s License (CDL)

Individuals who wish to work in transportation must get a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL). This Commercial Driver’s License will allow them to operate commercial vehicles like trucks and buses. CDL will pay long-haul truck drivers or people delivering hazardous commodities more. There is great demand for Truck drivers in Canada.


Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN)

Having a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) will give access to work in the Healthcare department. Registered nurses and physicians collaborate with Licensed Practical Nurses to provide essential patient care. There is a high demand for healthcare professionals across Canada, especially in long-term care homes and community health settings. Nova Scotia offers an easy licensing route for internationally trained nurses.


Electrician Licence

Electrical work is in high demand in Canada. Getting an electrician’s license through apprenticeship and certification programs will help you get high-paying jobs. Electricians are very necessary in building, maintenance, and manufacturing.


Real Estate License

A real estate license will help you to behave as a real estate agent. You can earn big commissions by becoming a real estate agent in Canada. Successful real estate agents who are very good at doing sales can have financial freedom and be out of a 9-5 job circle.


Licensed Practical Hairstylist

Individuals interested in the beauty industry must have a Licensed Practical Hairstylist. Having this license will be an advantage for Hairstylists. Skilled hairdressers are always in demand in Canada, and obtaining this license will allow you to compete with other professionals. Hairstylists earn more than $25 per hour.


Security Guard License

A Security Guard License is a must for security occupations. Licensed security guards will be in high demand in Canada as safety and security concerns spread throughout businesses. People in these security occupations who have this license earn more than $21.


Forklift Operator’s License

This Forklift Operator’s License is very useful for people in logistics and warehousing operations. Forklift operators are very important for efficient material handling, and their specific skills result in higher hourly salaries.


Professional Engineer License

Obtaining a Professional Engineer License is useful for engineers. This license will advance their career opportunities. Professional engineers with specific knowledge create, analyse, and implement complicated projects. Engineers with this license are in high demand and are paid more.


Registered Massage Therapist (RMT) License

Services related to health and wellness are increasing in Canada, and there are more career opportunities in this industry. Registered Massage Therapist with this license is in high demand because of their ability to promote relaxation and reduce physical stress. They earn more than $25 per hour.



These 10 licenses in Canada will lead you to higher-paying career prospects and help you to increase your earnings potential.


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Web Story:  10 licenses to double your income in Canada


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