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Posted on September 03 2022

Vinayak Ramesh shares his experience about Y-Axis Tutor Sreerupa S

By  Editor
Updated April 26 2023
I wanted to say this to you in person, but unfortunately, did not have much courage to tell it to you live because of a lack of time during class. Ever since the time of my education I was someone who never likes to attend early morning classes, because of the lack of interest in the particular subject and importantly because of the average skilled faculty with whom I have taken training eventually I end up reaching classes late very often because of lack of motivation at that particular environment. I'm aware that, I have hardly completed 4 classes so far, you have been an excellent faculty and importantly a good human being and an awesome motivator not only for me but for all the ones who are attending sessions with us. I truly admire your soft skills, you're patience, and your way of treating fellow students is something very valuable that I am not able to put it in words. Every concept that you teach is crystal clear for me so far. My work in the office is very hectic to be honest, after work, I reach my PG around 10pm, still, I reach you're training session well before 7am in the morning which is only possible because of the positive vibes and the motivation that I get from you. This IELTS course is a life decider path for me, my hope is increasing day by day that I will be able to crack it with great scores. I am genuinely thankful to God to get such a generous trainer like you. I will be in need of your support always. Keep continuing the good work always !!! Thank you,    

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