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Posted on September 07 2022

MVP Kumar thanks Y-Axis Coaching Tutor Lavita Rao

By  Editor
Updated April 26 2023
Y-Axis came across as a professionally run organization. Right from the first interaction, it displayed the hallmark of a well-established and systematic enterprise. The executives who interacted with me first were patient listeners and offered to-the-point comments. I liked the methodical approach to every service they offered. The division of responsibilities also added to their credibility. I am looking forward to a successful culmination of my association with Y-Axis. LMS: As much as I desire to start off with my use of LMS; my current disposition has offered me a little leeway in terms of time, to discover what LMS has to offer. So at this point, I will reserve my comments and will definitely update my view on LMS once I have used it. The class was very interactive. The corrections she offered to the participants amidst their speaking exercises were informative. The tips given by her on how to ace IELTS were valuable. Mrs. Lavita's patience and keen intent to engage everybody, both in the classroom and online were noteworthy. Initially, when I logged in, I was dreading the duration of the session. 4 hours of class on a Saturday evening is not everyone's cup of tea. But Kudos to Mrs. Lavita, she did manage to keep us all engaged. I am looking forward to future sessions and am very confident I will come out better after having undergone this coaching session with her.  

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