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Posted on February 04 2023

Munawer Uddin shares his views about Y-Axis IELTS tutor

By  Editor
Updated April 26 2023
The IELTS training sessions provided were successful in providing insight into the examination. It included all the tips and tricks which will help in achieving a good score. Regarding the trainer, Anthony is the best trainer I could have received for this training. I would like to appreciate his ability to maintain energy levels throughout the day and his dedication to helping students with their most basic queries. Regarding the infrastructure, the connectivity and assistance with the webinar were seamless and trouble-free. Regarding the LMS, the knowledge base is well enough to practice and has all the tips to cut short the irrelevant efforts but it would be great if the number of Mock tests can be increased. Lastly, It will be more effective if the training sessions were 30 minutes longer. I would also thank Srikanth and other support staff members for all their efforts.  

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