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Posted on March 31 2014

Within three months after filing the case, I received my PR Grant.

By Editor
Updated April 26 2023
Hi Suresh, When I decided to apply for my Australian PR through Skilled Migration process, I wanted to find the right consultant to get real help. I was told that many of them pretend to be experts in their fields but in reality they are not. I called Y-axis’s office to enquire about the process and their assistance. Later which Mr. Suresh. B An Australian Immigration process lead, who took up my case and helped me through the entire process of Australian Migration. His timely emails and clarifications to my queries made me so comfortable throughout the process. Within three months after filing the case, I received my PR Grant.  Mr. Suresh.B handling of my case took out all the nerves and apprehension I had before dealing with Y-Axis. For anyone seeking a knowledgeable, friendly and compassionate Immigration Consultant, I would, without any hesitation, recommend that they see Y-Axis. Thank you Y-Axis. -- Kind Regards, Sreeharsha

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