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Posted on November 27 2015

I Have Received The Australia PR For Entire Family

By  Editor
Updated April 26 2023
Review By: Vanitha Jayapal. I would like to thank Y-Axis and my consultant Mahesh Shinde for helping me and my family to gain AUSTRALIA PR visa. The amount of hardwork and dedication shown by my consultant is impeccable. I'm very happy with the services provided and would recommend everyone to achieve their dreams come true through Y-AXIS. Mahesh was so thorough with the PR process and helped at every stage with utmost confidence. Firstly to begin with, he was confident to choose appropriate skill NOC for ACS skill assessment and I got POSITIVE result within 5 days. Secondly, the way he consolidated all the documents of mine,spouse and kids was marvellous. He didnt miss any single doc though I had provided multiple versions of single document. Very clear in approach,systematic and down-to-earth professional. Thirdly, lodged 189 visa and its a big achievement for my fmly and y axis that I got the PR Grant letter in JUST 19 DAYS!!! Yes, in just 19 days I received the AUS PR for entire family. Mahesh has been very pro-active for guiding me through PCC, generating HAP ID for Medicals and tips to complete these fast. I wish you good fortune in all your personal and professional endeavors Mahesh. Keep up the good work Mahesh. Thanks, Vanitha

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