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Posted on July 12 2012

The Immigration Process And The Formalities Were Too Simple And Smooth

By Editor
Updated April 26 2023
Dear Shailu, Hi I am very nicely settled in Toronto... firstly Sorry that I couldn't email you or inform you about my safe and successful port of entry... but Shailu, the immigration process and the formalities were too simple and smooth... I was just given the entry in maximum 10minutes... like the immigration official just asked me those questions that are mentioned in the COPR form.... and didn't even take any other details... By the way, I have already received my Social Insurance Number...and waiting for PR card.. And I took lot of days in giving you the information... as I was staying at one of my relatives home.. and was busy in searching a rental apartment and in initial settlements for me... And just two days back I have shifted in my new rental home... close to Toronto downtown...

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