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Posted on December 22 2011

I Am Happy With Y-Axis and I would recommend the same to others

By Editor
Updated April 26 2023
Hi Jasjeet, To give a little background why I am writing to you. I had applied for Australia Permanent Residency and am very happy to say that I have been granted the visa. I wanted to bring to your notice all the good work Suraj has done in my case. I have had a very good experience with Y-Axis since I first visited in Sep 2010. After the initial counseling, my case was assigned to Suraj. As far my experience goes from your service from the last 1.3 years, I have only good things to say. During the application period I received excellent customer service from Suraj. I had little knowledge about the entire process. Suraj instructed me and double-checked everything through all the stages. All I did was to fill instructions one step at time. I was amazed to see Suraj’s knowledge and control not only of the Australian immigration process but also the help he provided in getting the PCC Police clearance certificate from United Kingdom. The whole process from start took me 15 months and not once during this time did I have the feeling that I wasn’t a personal priority to Suraj. One of the area that was pleasing was I got instant replies from Suraj for all my queries. Suraj, It's been a pleasure working with you, I think the level of dedication and customer service you have provided is 10 (out of 10). You always explained what I have to do and answered all my questions with patience and with great courtesy. I always felt updated about the process. Your answers always came with high speed. All in all, am happy I chose Y-Axis and would recommend the same to others. Many Thanks, Raveendra

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