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Posted on April 08 2014

I just want to say a Big Thank you for all that you have done

By Editor
Updated April 26 2023
Hi Suneetha, I just want to say a Big Thank you for all that you have done. Helping me find an Employer that is Willing to sponsor my work permit. Do not worry, i have cross checked with a few of my industry friends out there already. They know the owners of this very studio - they do good work and going through a good phase. Bardel is experiencing a rapid intake of work right now and they have to extend their recruitment beyond the local talent pool because there are just not enough people available to fill all of the open positions. So they are looking outside of Canada and because they need a LOT of people they are not going to do Interviews and perform other formalities. My Demoreel was more than enough. A big thansk once again and now fingers crossed that my work permit gets approved and all goes smooth. I will keep you informed Cheers delna

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