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Posted on March 09 2011

Best wishes to the entire team of Y-Axis Immigrtaion services

By Editor
Updated April 26 2023
From: BXBBY Sent: Wednesday, March 09, 2011 8:34 AM To: Mohammed Younus Cc: Sujatha Jammalamadaka Subject: Thank you so much. Dear Mr.Mohd. Yunus and the entire Team of  Y-AXIS ,Hyderabad It gives me immense pleasure to inform you that by the Blessings and grace of My Lord Shiva, and sincere efforts and extremely professional and a very personal touch rendered by each one of your Process consultants , I achieved one of the Biggest Milestone of my life...and that is  the CANADIAN PR VISA. Here I would like to mention that even though the distance between New Delhi and Hyderabad appeared  too much and honestly this made me feel a bit scared when I signed my Immigration case at your New Delhi office, but still somewhere in the corner of my heart I was confident that I have approached one of the leading Immigration consultants of India...and you proved it just right. Among various process consultants I talked to (from your office) or consulted during the entire process from Sept.2009 till today, I must say without any hesitation that they all proved themselves as purely professional intellectuals, and above all true human beings who were always ready to help their clients in  fulfilling  their dreams... I just could not remember the name of each and every executive from your office, but definitely name a few who left their mark with their encouraging and commendable efforts. Ms.Manjeera Mohata was one of those who encouraged me most at the time when I was preparing for my IELTS test, and poured in me the badly needed confidence , that uplifted my sagging morale. And the result was that I got 7 bands in the 1st attempt itself. Ms.Sujatha is another such person whom I never met but felt very comfortable while talking, because she always showed her enthusiasm to answer my queries with an open heart and a smiling voice. Ms.Kshetragni, Ms.Sheeba George, Ms.Swapna Dara., Mr.Sudhir ,Ms.Prasoona Reddy  were like a panel of well educated consultants brimming with confidence and  ultra talented in their respective fields. Above all ,last but certainly not the least, I would like to convey my sincere and heartfelt THANKS to Mr Mohammad Yunus, who never met me personally but is just like my brother, able, brilliant, intelligent  and the best human being with whom I discussed every little and big doubts regarding my Immigration process. At every step whenever I was confused or had apprehensions about anything I just called him up and WOW... all my doubts got cleared...I appreciate whatever he did for me and express my Gratitude for him................ I request to the Almighty that all those who contributed for my success may always be happy and may all their wishes be fulfilled at the earliest..... ( I would certainly refer Y-AXIS to those willing to migrate to Canada,UK or Australia without thinking twice...keep up the good work ) THREE CHEERS to ALL OF YOU !!!!!! Regards and Best Wishes to the entire Team of Y-AXIS... from : Sumit Suri New Delhi.

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