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Y-Axis Complaint Help Desk

Y-Axis Complaints Help Desk

Y-Axis clients trust our brand and the transparency of our process. We understand how important it is to cater to their queries. We hold strong policies to maintain a secure and trustworthy environment. However, at times our clients may have some concerns. Here are some common practices that we adhere to at Y-Axis with regard to Y Axis complaints support. These should help you with your queries and concerns.

We do not provide legal suggestions:

Y-Axis is not affiliated with any government agency for visas. Our website www.y-axis.com offers useful information on immigration/visas. It is not a legal firm. We do not provide legal advice, opinions or recommendations to our users.

Have queries regarding our Refund Policy?

Your payment is 100% non-refundable in the following cases:

  • If you change your mind and decide to withdraw
  • If you fail to submit the required documents within 60 days
  • If you cannot provide a genuine police clearance certificate
  • If you submit fraudulent information
  • If you fail to provide sufficient funds included in the application

Y-Axis reserves the right to not issue a refund as per our refund and cancellation policy. However, if a refund is issued, it will be processed within 30 days. Please give a thorough read to our refund and cancellation policy here. These are essential to know to follow the Y Axis consumer complaints redressal process.

Know how we use your personal information:

The details we collect from you are personal contact information, PAN card, bank account details, and tax status information. We use it –

  • For administering the contract we have entered into with you
  • For business management, planning, auditing
  • For making arrangements to terminate a contract
  • For making decisions about grievances

Y-Axis does not need your consent if the information is being used in accordance with the policy. Please check our privacy policy here.

We never sell your details:

We never disclose your contact details without your consent. It is never sold for marketing purpose. Y-Axis will only share your details with government agencies involved in your immigration process.

Delay in your order?

We always make sure your order is available for immediate download after purchase. However, sometimes we are hit with issues beyond our control. In case of technical issues, we send your order to the email-id you provided. However, we do not entertain any refund request once the order has been placed.

We do not endorse third-party services:

You may find links to websites, products and services from third parties on our website. It comprises advertisers, sponsors and affiliates of the website. However, it is advisable that you carefully read the privacy policies on other websites before use. Y-Axis is not responsible for any opinions, statements and advertisements accessible through our site. You have to bear all risks associated with it. Please note that Y-Axis is not liable for the loss or damage the user might incur from using such content.

Want to report fraud?

Please inform the customer relationship department at support@y-axis.com if you have come across any of the following fraudulent activities:

  • If a Y-Axis staff offers to fabricate your profile for an additional fee
  • If an employee refers a vendor for additional services
  • If a dishonest staff advises you to provide fake information
  • If any employee guarantees you a job or visa

You may as well raise a complaint on Y Axis complaints number 7670800000.

Please note that Y-Axis is not responsible if you enter into any verbal or written agreement with any dishonest employee.

For more information, you can contact us at info@y-axis.com

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