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Posted on July 20 2015

What services does Y-Axis Visa Consultancy Mumbai Offer?

By  Editor
Updated April 03 2023

The main job of a visa consultancy is to give you full assistance in securing the visa that you are looking for. While some visa consultancies only offer limited services like travel and tour visas others like Y-Axis provide you with a complete solution that includes job consultancy, students migration and immigration support.

Here are a few services that visa consultancy Mumbai offers:

Student Visa - For students, consultancies offer two types of services: one is for those who already have admission and just need help with the visa, and the other is for those who need help with admission as well. If you fall under the second category, then all you need to do is contact Y-Axis visa consultancy Mumbai office where students can interact with consultants and get admission in foreign colleges as well.

Work visa- There are several variations in work visa, and for that reason it's important to get it through a consultancy, that will guide you through the entire process. From EU blue card for Europe to temporary foreign worker visa for Canada to USA H1B work visa, the process of application is different, so a consultancy will be able to help you with the process of getting the visa that you need.

Travel and Business Visa - If you are planning to go abroad for a few days or visiting a foreign land for business purpose then you will require a tourist and business visa. If you want to visit the same country frequently then it's best to get a multiple entry visa which will allow you to fly in and out of the country within a designated period of time.

Appeals – Some mistakes could lead to visa rejections, but there is a chance of appeal in most cases. So, in such a case contact Y-Axis will help you with the appeal which will focus on what went wrong in the first time and how you have rectified it.

Y-Axis Consultants in Mumbai will also help you with other visas like Dependent and Settlement visa, and all of that through packages that won't burn your pocket.

For more news and updates, assistance with your visa needs or for a Free Assessment of your profile for Immigration or Work Visa’s just visit


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