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Posted on April 14 2022

Why immigrants are set to have a bright future in Canada’s labor market

By  Editor
Updated January 10 2024

Canada is primarily opted by many foreign immigrants to study, work, and migrate in this new age of post-pandemic situations. The Country warmly welcomes International Immigrants by giving them multiple career opportunities by following necessary rules.

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Immigrants are a vital part of the Country’s continuous success. Canada is experiencing the lowest unemployment rate ever this year. Amid the Corona pandemic, Canada has seen a deficiency in workforce labor. This made the Canadian Government set a plan to fill in the gap in unemployed areas by the next decade.

Synopsis Canada is one of the occupied countries refreshing its Immigration plans every year with PR options. To handle the pre-pandemic recession and activate the labor market has been inviting for its citizenship. There has been a dip in the economy as the immigrants obtaining permanent residency have seen a downfall, negatively affecting the Country’s immigrant careers and settlement. This resulted in significant invites for the immigrants worldwide.

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The main motives for encouraging immigrant applications

  1. A large number of Canadians Retirements: The first and foremost reason is that there are many retirements among Canadian Citizens. This retreat resulted in the lowest unemployment rate in Canada even before the pandemic.
    • Canada has a population of 20 million, out of which around 10 million have a retirement age. By the next decade, these 10 million age-old Canadians will retire, which will give substantial job opportunities. This is a significant gap in the labor market.
    • Canada does not just want to give the Canadian-born graduates completing their education to join the workforce. Based on the Canada Immigration policy, Canada wants to give chances to the International immigrants who have fled to Canada in the recent past.
    • Canada’s lowest birth rate also affected to search for the source of talent to replace the retiring employees. This aging of the considerable population will also see the highest spending on health care.
    • This interprets how crucial is immigration required for Canada’s economy to see growth.
    • The fall in the unemployment rate resulted in high wages among the industries, which is a perfect opportunity for immigrant workers.
  2. Selection Process: The selection process plays a significant role in becoming one among Canadian immigrants. It is highly competitive. The Federal Government, provinces, and territories have modified and updated the selection criteria in recent years to strengthen the immigrant economy. The possible selection criteria are
    • The Express Entry is an essential and highly opted immigration pathway by the immigrants. This Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) requires the candidates who are young and well educated and who are either fluent in English or French to have good professional experience.

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  • Having Canadian education or work experience will get a higher CRS score which is a high possibility of getting Permanent Residence to satisfy the Canadian labor market.
  1. More chances for Canadian Immigrants: There has been an increase in selection among several Canadian Permanent Residents. There has been a 30% decrease in the overseas immigrants market compared to the pre-pandemic time in the last year.
    • The Government has decided to improve the number of immigration pathways for the in-Canada candidates.
    • Almost all the provinces and territories also increased the selection of in-Canada candidates via the Provincial nominee program (PNP)
    • This will result in 1.14% of the overall increase in the Canadian population by 2024.
  2. Investment in newcomers: The Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) has decided to concentrate on immigrants' settlement process and services. It has increased its investments in this process over the last decade.

Conclusion With all these factors considered, one can apply quickly and undoubtedly to be a part of an in-Canada candidate. Canada has been supporting filling the gaps in the labor market with skilled in-Canada candidates and investing and helping the immigrants succeed.

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