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Posted on May 25 2022

Job outlook for Austria in 2022?

By  Editor
Updated April 03 2023

Austria, a Central European country, is a well-developed economy. It is among the fourteen wealthiest countries in the world. Even though it is a highly industrialized country, tourism is a significant revenue generator.

The Austrian economy regained significantly in 2021 after being hit by the Covid pandemic, and its outlook for 2022 also remains bright.

Job opportunities in Austria

Austria has a lot of job openings for talented migrant workers who possess vocational qualifications. At the same time, there are a lot of job openings for unskilled workers in the sectors of construction, general works, and tourism, among others.

There are a number of openings in the healthcare sector for dentists, general physicians, and surgeons, apart from nurses.

The other sectors where foreign nationals are employed in Austria are machinery, finance and insurance, automotive, transport, education, and chemicals, among others.

According to a report, Austria will witness job growth in the service and sales sectors. It adds that one-tenth of the employment opportunities in Austria until 2025 will be in crafts and related trades. However, the sectors that will witness one of the highest growths of job openings until 2030 will be mass-produced fuels and non-metallic mineral products. However, the highest rise in job opportunities will be in the sectors of healthcare and education.

According to the government officials, people with soft skills will have higher chances of bagging jobs, implying that people who have excellent communication skills, adaptability, ability to adjust in teams, and proficiency in the English language will be absorbed into the Austrian job market.

Highest paid professions in Austria

The median yearly incomes of surgeons/doctors range from €7,050 to €21,800 in this central European country, while bank managers take home yearly payments ranging from €4,510 to €14,000.

On the other hand, orthodontists get paid in the range of €3,800 to €11,800 per year. The median yearly incomes of college professors and marketing directors are €3,380 to €10,500 and €2,540 to €7,860

Meanwhile, the average yearly gross salary in Austria is €32,256.

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