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Posted on February 28 2023

What are the benefits of a UAE Residence Visa?

By  Editor
Updated March 26 2024

Highlights: Benefits of UAE Residence Visa

  • The UAE Residence Visa facilitates long term stay in the country.
  • It has a validity of 1-10 years.
  • It offers international individuals the benefit of healthcare services in the UAE.
  • They can also avail of financial services in the UAE.
  • The dependents of the primary candidate can study in the public schools of the UAE.

Abstract: The Residence Visa offers multiple benefits to international individuals opting to stay in the UAE under the visa.


Opting to migrate to UAE through the Residence Visa offers multiple benefits. The UAE offers a good quality of life with its advanced infrastructure, numerous career opportunities, lucrative income, options for investment, and a business-friendly environment. It has a booming economy, and one can progress academically or professionally. The Residence Visa of the UAE has a validity ranging from 1 to 10 years.


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Why to apply for UAE Residence Visa?

The benefits of a Residence Visa of the UAE are given below:

  1. Eligible for a Driving Licensein UAE

The residency visa of the UAE permits an international individual to convert their existing driving license into a valid driving license of the UAE.


  1. Health Insurance and Services in the UAE

Health insurance is mandatory in the UAE, even if it is not compulsory in the various Emirates regions. Having a residence visa allows an international individual to use health services by the UAE government at an inexpensive cost with a health card.


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  1. Enrollment in the Public and Private Schools

Since 2001, the minor-aged dependents of international professionals in the UAE have been allowed to attend public schools. They can attend government and private schools if they fulfill the requirements and pay the academic fees.


The parents' Emirates ID is required while enrolling the children in a private school. It is one of the mandatory requirements.


International individuals should note that the language of Arabic is the primary language for all the subjects that are offered. All lessons follow the curriculum set by the Ministry of Education of the UAE. English is considered the second language for fundamental grammar and comprehension skills.


  1. Job and Investment

Foreign nationals with UAE residence visas are offered the facility of work and investment in the country. The government of the UAE has introduced new categories of residence visas for specific professionals and investors. The visas permit individuals to stay in the country for an extended period of time.


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  1. Bank Account and Other Financial Services

Banks in the UAE require the Emirates ID of the international individual as a primary document. It is required to open either a current or a savings account. Opening an account is easy if the candidate fulfills the requirements.


The UAE is one of the most advanced countries in the world. It has policies to streamline business operations and for its residents to thrive. International individuals benefit from the pleasant climate, multiple activities for leisure, and a low crime rate.


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