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Posted on July 30 2015

Things visa Consultant In Kolkata helps you out with

By  Editor
Updated April 03 2023

Are you planning to move abroad or perhaps go someplace for leisure? If yes, then you need to check out whether you are eligible to apply for a visa, which will be followed by paperwork and interviews etc.  In some cases, you need to apply for a visa months in advance while in other cases you can get your visa on arrival.

However, it is important to get details about the procedure in advance, as any delay can make it difficult for you to get your visa on time. So, instead of trying to arrange the visa by yourself by figuring out the requirements, it's best to hire a visa consultant who will help you with the procedure.

Here are few services offered by visa consultant in Kolkata

Work Visa- This is for those who are moving out of Kolkata to start their career abroad. Most countries welcome immigrants with special skills to join their workforce. However, things are easy for those who already have an offer letter in hand, but for those who are looking for a job it is not easy. For that reason, visa consultants like Y-Axis helps job seekers get a visa to search for a job abroad while living there, and they also provide packages to help them find the right job prior to moving abroad.

Student Visa- Though Kolkata has some really good colleges and universities, most students migrate abroad to study and later settle down. However, to get your student visa you need to enroll into a university. That’s where Y-Axis can help, their experts can help you get a student visa and also help you find a college.

Dependent visa- If you want to join your spouse or other family member abroad then you need to apply for a dependent visa. It is easy for those who have someone with a citizenship or are PR visa abroad, but for others getting a visa as a dependent can be difficult. So, in that case only an expert visa consultant in Kolkata can help.

So, if you have decided about moving abroad for job, studies or any other purpose but do not want to waste your time dealing with the lengthy process then contact Y-Axis visa consultant in Kolkata who will help you get your visa without any hassle.

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