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Posted on July 04 2020

Top ten tips to ace the SAT essay

By  Editor
Updated April 03 2023
SAT Online Coaching

Though the SAT essay section is an optional part of the exam, many students opt to attempt the essay because it is an admission requirement in some colleges. Here are some tips to do well in the SAT essay.

  1. Make an outline before you start writing

 An essay's basic outline contains an introduction, body, and conclusion. One way to start your SAT essay is to make a sketch outline detailing all the points, descriptions and other elements you want to include. Throughout the writing process, you can refer to your outline to ensure your essay is organized and complete.

  1. Do not ignore the essay prompt

Some students skip through the prompt for the essay and plunge right into the writing. That's a mistake. In fact, the prompt sets out just what you need to look for and evaluate before you start writing the essay.

  1. Focus on the significant points

You 're showing your ability to recognize the most persuasive elements in the essay when you focus on just a few significant points. Additionally, addressing a few topics in a detailed manner is far more successful than attempting to concentrate on the persuasive aspect the author employs.

  1. Improve your vocabulary

A SAT essay-grader tests your English language order. Therefore, one way to improve your essay output is to learn some new words of vocabulary. Science, news, and literary magazines are good resources to learn new words. Use it in everyday conversation or on school assignments once you have learned new words.

  1. Attempt for both quantity and quality in your essay

While practicing your essay-writing skills, bear in mind that you are striving for both quantity and consistency. As a general rule, it takes about one to two written pages to explain fully how an author supports their claim.

  1. Use a strong thesis statement

You should reveal the argument of the author and the persuasive elements which they use in your thesis statement. If you construct a solid thesis statement, you are showing essay graders that you understand the case of the author and identify the elements that are convincing.

  1. Use proper grammar and punctuation

If you use good grammar as well as accurate spelling and punctuation, this adds to your essay rating. Bear in mind that even the most compelling SAT essay will reduce in quality due to these kinds of errors.

  1. Be objective in your essay

Your task is to determine the compelling point of the author, not to state your opinion on the subject in question. Writing an objective essay shows the essay-graders you read, and you follow the prompt.

  1. Point out the specific details

The author's piece contains all the material you need for your essay. If you point out specific details, you will be showing your ability to analyze an argument effectively.

  1. Watch your handwriting

Ensure that you write your essay in good handwriting. The best essay can lose points because of bad handwriting.

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