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Posted on September 21 2020

Top 3 myths surrounding Australia immigration

By  Editor
Updated April 03 2023

Immigration to any country comes with its own unique set of challenges and possibilities. Australia immigration is no different.

With a points-based eligibility in place and many visa categories available, there is quite a lot of misinformation around immigration to Australia. Thriving in the perceived uncertainty, many myths have come to surround Australia and immigration.

Here, we shall attempt to dispel the Top 3 myths surrounding Australia immigration.

MYTH 1: Exaggerating your foreign qualifications will get you your visa.

Fact – Misrepresentation of facts can cause serious repercussions.

The rule of the thumb here is to be honest. Twisting or misrepresenting facts can have far-reaching and grave consequences.

There have been situations wherein an immigrant securing Australia permanent residence, later even becoming an Australian citizen, having their citizenship revoked on discovery of their having used faked documentation or lying in their visa application.

Be honest. Stick to the facts. Exaggeration, regardless of the extent, is still deception.

MYTH 2: Studying any course in Australia will easily get you PR later.

Fact –While study overseas in Australiadefinitely increases your chances, certain courses have better PR prospects as compared to other options.

If you have Australian permanent residence eventually on your mind and are not headed to the Land Down Under merely for the experience, you would have to choose your study courses accordingly.

Particular study courses – such as, hospitality, engineering, nursing etc. –have comparatively better and brighter prospects of leading to Australia permanent residence later on.

On the successful completion of their studies in Australia, an international student can stay on in the country by securing a Temporary Graduate visa [subclass 485] allowing them to “live, study and work” in Australia.

MYTH 3: Immigrants take jobs from the locals.

Fact – Immigration contributes to sustaining the economy of a country.

Immigrants, irrespective of their destination country, generally are associated with bringing in real resources. With immigrants entering the country, there is an increased corresponding demand for various amenities and facilities. This, in turn, stimulates job growth of the local markets.

Many economies the world over look upon immigration as one of the contributing factors for an increase in population.

Foreign skilled workers entering the job market and contributing to the economy are one of the major reasons behind immigration being much sought-after by different countries.

Immigration is quite essential for many countries, including Australia, to a certain extent. However, with a majority of immigrants settling down in the prominent Australian cities, the government of Australia has been offering various incentives to those intending settling in regional Australia instead.

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