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Posted on January 11 2023

Top 10 Universities in Germany 2023

By  Editor
Updated April 27 2023

Why study in Germany?

  • Germany offers quality education at inexpensive tuition fees.
  • It offers work experience to international students while they pursue their studies.
  • There are multiple job opportunities for overseas students.
  • The community in Germany is safe and accepting of international students
  • International graduates can opt to settle in Germany after two years of work

Germany student visa

The number of overseas students opting to pursue their education in Germany to study abroad studies is increasing every year. A significant number of international students apply for a German student visa at the consulate of their country before they arrive in Germany to study.

There are two different types of visa international students can apply for:

  • For study programs that are for 3 months, the candidates need to apply for a Schengen visa.
  • For study programs that last for more than 3 months, the students need to apply for a German national visa.

If the candidate enters Germany under a national visa, they have to extend their stay by applying for a German residence permit at the Foreigner's Office to pursue their studies. The candidate should apply for this while their entry visa is valid.

International students usually apply for the German Student Visa, which is the standard student visa. It is aimed at those overseas students who have been offered admission to any of the official universities of Germany.

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QS World Ranking Germany Universities

For many overseas students, Germany is an apt country to study abroad. There are reputed universities offering study programs in English language study options. Public universities do not charge tuition fees. Due to these reasons and more, every year, close to 100,000 students from across the world opt to come to Germany for their education.

Germany has a credible reputation for the sector of higher education. There are over 400 universities, and many of them have high scores in international rankings and feature in the list of top universities across the world.

The two popular places for academic excellence are:

  • Munich with the Ludwig Maximilians University and the Technical University of Munich
  • Berlin with the Heidelberg University and the Freie Universität Berlin

Apart from the universities mentioned above, there are multiple institutes offering world-class education in the country.

The QS World University Rankings are one of the most respected and referenced rankings. The QS ranking is done through an academic survey by considering the input of academics globally regarding the reputation of universities.

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Germany & Canada Top in Retaining International Graduates, OECD reports

Study in Germany without IELTS

Top 10 Universities in Germany

The top 10 universities in Germany are listed in the table below:

Top universities in Germany
Sl. No. University QS Ranking 2023
1 Technical University of Munich (TUM) 49
2 Ludwig Maximilians University Munich 59
3 Heidelberg University 65
4 Freie Universität Berlin 118
5 Humboldt University Berlin 131
6 Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) 141
7 RWTH Aachen University 147
8 Technische Universität Berlin 158
9 University of Tübingen 169
10 University of Freiburg 189

Top courses to pursue in Germany

The top courses to pursue in Germany are:

Top Courses to Pursue in Germany
Sl. No. Course
1 Medicine and Dentistry
2 Law
3 Industrial Engineering
4 Engineering
5 Mathematics and Computer Science
6 Natural Sciences
7 Business and economics
8 Architecture
9 Psychology
10 Philosophy and the Humanities

Work opportunities after studying in Germany

After graduating, the students have two options if they want to stay in Germany after the validity of their residence permit expires. They can:

  • Apply for the residence permit aimed at job seekers, if they do not have a job offer.
  • Apply for the residence permit for work, if they have a job offer

Detailed information about the two types of permit is given below:

  1. Conversion to a Job-Seeker Residence Permit

Before the student's residence permit expires and after graduating, the candidate can apply for a German residence permit as a job seeker. The job seeker visa facilitates the applicant to remain in Germany for six months more after graduation. In this time, they can look search for employment.

If they find a suitable job and fulfill the requirements, they can apply to convert the residence permit into a work permit and indefinitely stay in Germany.

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  1. Applying for a Work Residence Permit

If the overseas student has a job offer immediately after they graduate, they can apply to convert their student permit into a German work permit. The residence permit for employment in Germany is valid for two years, with the option to extend if they are employed.

If they fulfill the requirements established by the immigration authorities, they can apply for a German residence permit and work as a freelancer in the country.

Graduates who have studied in German universities can also opt for a streamlined procedure for a settlement permit.

Settlement Permit for Overseas Students in Germany

International graduates of universities in Germany are eligible for settlement after two years of work experience in Germany. After 8 years of residing in Germany, they are also eligible for citizenship in Germany.

The German settlement permit facilitates the candidate to:

  • Indefinitely live in Germany without seeking extensions
  • Switch employers or professions.
  • Access to German social security and benefits
  • Freedom of movement in the EU/EEA

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  • Guides and assists you in writing commendable SOPs and Resume.

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