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Posted on May 06 2024

Top 10 Most In-Demand Jobs in Manitoba

By  Editor
Updated May 06 2024

Canada boasts a diverse economy and a thriving job market, making it an ideal work destination for many foreign nationals. The country has ten provinces, of which Manitoba is one of the most popular provinces, ranking sixth overall.  The Manitoba province lies between the Atlantic and the Pacific oceans and is the best place for nature lovers, with around 100,000 lakes and many rich prairies, forests, and rivers. The province offers many pathways for skilled workers and business investors looking to settle there.


Candidates interested in working in Canada can explore the many work opportunities available in Manitoba. The Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP) is one of the most preferred immigration pathways for skilled workers from foreign countries or business investors to migrate to Canada. 

The program offers three streams:


  • Skilled Worker Stream
  • Business Investor Stream
  • International Education Stream


Top in-demand jobs in Manitoba

The table below has the list of top 10 in-demand jobs in Manitoba with NOC codes and salaries.



NOC code


Registered Nurse

Health Care



Software Developer

Skilled Worker




Skilled Worker



Mechanical Engineer

Skilled Worker




Skilled Worker



Retail Sales Associate




Graphic Designer & Illustrator

Skilled Worker



Truck Driver








Medical Laboratory Technologist

Health Care




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List of Top 10 high demand jobs in Manitoba, Canada


Registered Nurse jobs in Manitoba

Healthcare is the most in-demand occupation in Canada owing to the high aging population and excessive healthcare needs. Registered nurses are one of the top jobs in Manitoba.  The province is experiencing a shortage of healthcare professionals and is actively looking for Registered Nurses across various healthcare sectors.


 The demand for this occupation is growing exponentially and will continue to do so in the coming years.


  • Number of job openings: 20,000 job openings
  • NOC code: 31301
  • Average annual salary: CAD47,657


*Interested in applying for Registered Nurse jobs in Manitoba? Y-Axis is here to assist you.


Software Developer jobs in Manitoba

The technology sector in Manitoba is expanding, with new start-ups on the rise and a high demand for skilled workers. Individuals can look for opportunities like Software Developers in industries such as finance, healthcare, e-commerce, and more. It is estimated that this occupation will also see a steady increase in the future.


  • Number of job openings: 2500 job openings
  • NOC code: 21232
  • Average annual salary: CAD107,816


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Accountant jobs in Manitoba

The need for skilled Accountants is high in the year 2024 in Manitoba. The companies within the province are in search to find new creative ways to hire both long-term and short-term Accountants. The province is actively recruiting Accountants.


  • Number of job openings: 717 job openings
  • NOC code: 11100
  • Average annual salary: CAD70,200


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Mechanical Engineer jobs in Manitoba

The manufacturing industry in Manitoba is an ever-growing industry with many diverse opportunities. Mechanical Engineers are at the forefront, with a wide range of responsibilities, from designing and developing to testing mechanical devices and systems. Individuals can explore a variety of industries including automotive, aerospace and more including automotive and aerospace.


  • Number of job openings: 500 job openings
  • NOC code: 2132
  • Average annual salary: CAD110,000


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Lawyer jobs in Manitoba

There is a moderate demand for this lucrative occupation, and it can depend on the area of specialization and experience in the field.  The province has a powerful legal industry with a demand for Lawyers and their services in many sectors, like business, government, and other non-profit organizations.


  • Number of job openings: 450 job openings
  • NOC code: 4112
  • Average annual salary: CAD152,500


*Interested in Lawyer jobs in Manitoba? Reach out to Y-Axis for expert guidance.


Retail Sales Associate jobs in Manitoba

The retail industry is a significant umbrella term that consists of occupations such as Retail Sales Associates and more. These occupations are the most essential part of the retail industry and play varied roles, from providing customer service to promoting products and driving sales.


  • Number of job openings: 4,600 job openings
  • NOC code: 64100
  • Average annual salary: CAD39,392


*Are you searching for Retail Sales Associate jobs in Manitoba? Get expert guidance from Y-Axis. 


Graphic Designers & Illustrator jobs in Manitoba

The creative sphere in Manitoba is booming with many new design, advertising agencies, publishing houses, and media outlets that are up and coming. With the rise in the digital creative sphere in Manitoba, there is an increasing requirement for skilled Graphic Designers and Illustrators. Manitoba is currently seeking for Graphic Designers and Illustrators for recruitment.


  • Number of job openings: 950 job openings
  • NOC code: 5241
  • Average annual salary: CAD54,917


*Are you interested in applying for Graphic Designer and Illustrator jobs in Manitoba? Y-Axis is here to provide expert guidance.


Transport Truck Driver jobs in Manitoba

Manitoba's geography makes it a transportation hub between eastern and western Canada. There is a huge demand for transport truck drivers, which is increasing within the e-commerce industry, which is looking to hire people who can efficiently and quickly deliver goods.


  • Number of job openings: 28000 job openings
  • NOC code: 73300
  • Average annual salary: CAD49,686


*Looking for Transport Truck Driver jobs in Manitoba? Y-Axis is here to guide you.


Cook jobs in Manitoba

Manitoba has a continual requirement for Cooks. The lucrative hospitality and food service industry creates many opportunities. But with the growing old age population there is an increase of requirement for Cooks in hospices and other fields.


  • Number of job openings: 3,200 job openings
  • NOC code: 6322
  • Average annual salary: CAD32,425


*Willing to apply for Cook jobs in Manitoba? Avail Y-Axis job search services for the same.


Medical Laboratory Technologist jobs in Manitoba

According to Manitoba's Labour Market Information, the province is currently looking for medical laboratory technologists. With the advancements in medical technology, it is estimated that there will be more employment opportunities in the field.


  • Number of job openings: 2,100 job openings
  • NOC code: 3211
  • Average annual salary: CAD37,816


*Interested in Medical Laboratory Technologist jobs in Manitoba? Y-Axis is here to assist.


Now is the right time for individuals to move to Canada, as there are many opportunities that provide global exposure. If you want to migrate to Canada, approach Y-Axis, the world's no. 1 overseas immigration company for expert guidance.


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