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Posted on May 13 2020

Top 10 Canadian universities that makes Canada your favorite

By  Editor
Updated July 03 2024

Canada is well known as an educational hub with world-class universities, colleges, and institutes to choose from. If you are going to Study in Canada, knowing the best universities there will help you make your choice well.


Queens University

One of the oldest universities in Canada, it ranks 239th in the world. In Canada, it’s ranked 10th. The university was founded in 1841.


University of Calgary

The University of Calgary ranks 233rd in the world this year. It was found in 1944 and has 5 campuses in Canada and abroad combined. Its branch in Doha, Qatar is dedicated to nursing.


Western University

Western University ranks 211th in the world this year. Its located in London, Ontario. It has the highest score at 77 in Canada amongst top universities for citations per faculty member.


University of Waterloo

This year the University of Waterloo ranked 173rd in the world rankings. The university was started in 1956.


McMaster University

In 2020, this University ranked 14th in world rankings. The University is located in Hamilton, Ontario. It’s famous as a distinguished medical school.


Université de Montréal

This French-speaking University ranked at 137th place on world rankings this year. It was founded in 1878. It now has around 66,768 students.


University of Alberta

The University of Alberta ranked 113th in world rankings this year. It ranks fourth among the best universities in Canada. It’s mostly based in Edmonton.


University of British Columbia

The University ranks 51st in the world rankings. It has around 65,000 students of which around 16,200 are international students. Their campuses in Canada are situated in Vancouver and Kelowna.


McGill University

McGill University has the 35th rank in the world. It shares its position with the University of California. It’s placed 71st in the international students’ indicator at the world level. 25% of its total student population is comprised of international students.


University of Toronto

This University is ranked the best among Canadian universities. The world ranking for this university is 29 this year. It has also one of the highest rankings for academic and employer reputation in the world.


So, when you think of taking a Canada Study Visa, you can rest assured that you have so many world-class institutions to join.


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