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Posted on April 26 2022

The UK’s points-based system promises better options for immigrants

By  Editor
Updated January 10 2024

The United Kingdom (UK) has always attracted migrants who want to work in a country that offers a decent quality of living, world-class educational facilities, and healthcare benefits, among others

Also known as Britain, it is the world's fifth-largest economy. Its capital London has the largest city GDP in entire Europe.

Migration opportunities in the UK

In 2020, a points-based immigration system was introduced in the UK to attract talented migrants to the country. Effective from January 2021, the main aspects of the points-based system include the following.

From the date mentioned above, aspiring migrants from both EU and non-EU blocs will receive the same treatment.

  • All applicants must get at least 70 points to qualify for a work visa.
  • Whether specialists, skilled workers, or students, all those who want to enter the UK need to abide by the points-based system.
  • Skilled workers must have a job offer before applying for a UK visa.
  • Applicants must be earning at least €25,600 per year to apply.
  • They need to have proficiency in English of A-level or equivalent.

Specialized workers would have to either be recommended by a UK body or have a job offer in hand.

*Check your eligibility to UK, with the help of Y-Axis UK Immigration Points calculator.

Students will also have to study in the UK under the points-based system; they must provide evidence by showing a letter of admission from an educational institution, adequate financial resources, and sufficient English proficiency.

An applicant who has a job offer and proficiency in English will obtain 50 points. To bag the additional 20 points, they can do so by meeting one of the following criteria:

  • Should have a job offer that will earn them a minimum of €25,600 a year
  • Applicants get 10 points for a related doctorate or 20 points for a Doctorate in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) disciplines.
  • Applicants get 20 points if they get a job offer in a sector with a shortage of skills.

The new system is expected to create more migration opportunities for skilled workers. Even with the modification in requirements for the English language, it is expected that UK employers will be able to access a much larger pool of talented workers.

This new system will apply to all UK migrants, whether they are from the EU or countries outside of it. With the points-based system being implemented, it will allow the government of the UK to employ a uniform immigration system across the country that will be decided on skills.

The country's main aim in putting in place a points-based system is to minimize the migration of low-skilled workers into the country and also reduce the total number of migrants.

Permanent residency (PR)

Non-EU citizens can apply for PRs if they have resided in the UK for a specific number of years, legally or otherwise.

For different visas, the time one needs to spend in the UK to be able to apply for indefinite leave to remain (ILR) is as follows:

  • If marrying or staying with a partner in the UK, one can stay up to two years.
  • Legal stay, whatever be the basis (long stay), an individual can stay up to ten years.
  • With a Tier 1 or a Tier 2 work permit, an individual can stay up to five years.
  • Investors, business houses, or sportspersons can stay up to five years.
  • People with the UK Ancestry can stay in the country for up to five years.

You are eligible for a PR if you have resided in the UK under the above categories and have served the stated time duration.

For work in the UK

If you are looking to obtain a job in the UK, scour for a job with shortages of skilled workforce in the skill shortage list by referring to the UK Shortage Occupation List.

The Shortage Occupation List of the UK is tabled by its government and contains all the occupations where there is a shortage of skilled workers. Also included in the list are the in-demand skills - applying to which will get applicants visas easily. This list is regularly updated by monitoring the shortages of skilled workers in the country's labor force.

The bulk of growth in employment in Britain is expected to be in transportation and storage, professional services, and wholesale and retail trade until 2030.

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