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Posted on January 02 2019

Why is the USA a good choice to study abroad?

By  Editor
Updated April 03 2023
Why is the USA a good choice to study abroad?

When deciding to study abroad it is important to make an informed decision before taking the plunge. Choosing the right country to pursue your higher education is of utmost importance.

The USA has emerged as a country reputed for its quality education. It offers various options that you could choose from according to your academic and cultural preferences.

Here is why the USA is a good choice to study abroad:

1. The education system in the US is fundamentally different than the one followed in India. Undergraduate programs in the USA are of 4 years duration. They are flexible too. There are over 900 subjects to choose from across 4,000 Universities in the country 2. The US education system is so flexible that it allows you to apply for a college without declaring your preferred subject. You may simply write the preferred subject as “undecided”. Like India, a student is not immediately put into streams like Arts, Science, and Commerce 3. The undergraduate program in the US gives an opportunity to strengthen the academic base while enjoying other learning facets like arts and sports. This helps in the holistic development of a student 4. Harvard, MIT, Yale, Columbia are a few hallowed names in the field of education. The US houses all of them and more. The US has some of the most respected Universities in the world. 5. There are a number of research and training opportunities for international students at the graduate level 6. All spectrums in the education field in the US are equipped with the latest technology. It is safe to say that technology plays an important role in research and development in the US Universities 7. A degree obtained from the US opens up doors to a number of employment opportunities. The current changes in the US visa rules also favor students who have studied in the US, as per Hindustan Times

The feedback received from parents, students, and University staff is unanimous. The US grants you an educational experience like no other country in the world.

Indians are the largest study abroad group in the US. They make up almost 14% of the international student population in the US, as per Open Doors Report.

As per the 2018 Times World University Rankings, 11 out of the top 15 Universities in the world are based in the US.

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