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Posted on November 23 2020

Speak to score in the TOEFL exam – Tips for the speaking test

By  Editor
Updated April 03 2023
TOEFL Coaching

Let’s get right into TOEFL preparation. Let’s look at what is waiting for you in the speaking section of the TOEFL test.

TOEFL speaking section is the shortest section of the exam. But when it comes to good performance in the section, it takes considerable effort and preparation. After all, speaking effectively is a challenge in itself. Imagine how it feels when you are time-strapped, standing in a room full of participants, talking into a microphone.

But don’t worry. With the right TOEFL coaching and good practice, you can ace the speaking skill and score high in the TOEFL task.

Here’s understanding the speaking module of the TOEFL exam and going through some tips to perform well in the task.

Anatomy of TOEFL Speaking Section
Speak 17 minutes Attempt 4 questions Summarize conversations and lectures, and report others’ opinions Speak into a microphone which is attached to your headphones
Scoring parameters
Your ability to Read Listen Take notes Pronounce correctly Use good grammar Manage time
Question types
Independent Integrated
Task 1 – Independent Speaking Question Task 2+3 – Integrated reading, listening, and speaking questions
You are asked a general question about your opinions. You get 15 seconds to prepare and 45 minutes to respond. You have to read a short text and listen to a lecture on the same. Then, you must explain what you heard. Task 2 – Listen to a recording of students discussing their views on the short text you read. Task 3 – Listen to a professor’s lecture on the short text you read. Reading time – 45 secondsPreparation time – 30 seconds Response time – 60 seconds
Task 4 – Integrated listening and speaking question
Listen to a lecture, but without any texts to read. Then respond to a question asked about the recording. Preparation time – 20 seconds Response time – 60 seconds
Scoring pattern 0-9 Weak 10-17 Fair 18-25 Good 26-30 Excellent
Tips to boost the score ·      Take notes ·      Relax with a 10-15 seconds break before the exam ·      Practice speaking with distractions to improve focus ·      Create a template with structure words ·      Take care not to plagiarize ·      Cover your ears and close your eyes if you can’t stay focused with distractions

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