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Posted on April 05 2019

Should youth study overseas early in their academics?

By  Editor
Updated April 03 2023
study overseas

It has become more and more common for University students to study overseas in a foreign nation. Meanwhile, some parents are keen to send their children to study overseas early in their academics. For example, this could be during High school or Secondary school for diverse reasons.

The reasons for this could be many. It could be to offer their children a better education than what is being offered in the home nation. This could also be for widening their worldview and offering better success opportunities among other reasons.

Some of the other apparent benefits of study overseas at a young age include helping students in developing their cultural awareness. It also includes picking a new language, widening their world view, and learning to become adaptable to change. They thus develop resilience in the process.

However, not all children adapt quite so seamlessly to their surroundings. This is to reap the benefits of study overseas, as quoted by Study International.

At the time when Carolina Guerra’s article was published in Forbes, she was graduating in Milan from a High School. She had also studied overseas at a high school in the US by then.

Guerra said that some of the advantages of studying overseas in high school include helping the students in enhancing their international network. They also mature faster in comparison with their peers as they shoulder more responsibilities. This includes adapting to the new culture, learning to do their chores or planning weekend outings with their host family, said Guerra.

Study overseas offers diverse benefits to students while also presenting some challenges. The decision may depend on factors like the strength of the support system for the child while overseas. It will also depend on their maturity.

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