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Posted on November 17 2020

PTE- Writing from a dictation

By  Editor
Updated April 03 2023
PTE Online Coaching

Writing from a dictation can at the same time assess your ability to listen and compose. Writing from the dictation consists of writing down the sentence told by the recorder.

Here are some barriers that prevent you from doing well in this section.

  • Ability to remember and type long sentences
  • Ability to maintain focus till the end
  • Knowing the correct spelling of each word
  • Ability to recognize the pronunciation of words in various accents

Follow these tips to do well in this section

Have a method for note-taking

You probably have your own habits if you are a student. You already are using abbreviations for most words in your situation. But our approach of simplicity can suit you as well if English is not your native language.

 The principle here is to write just enough to jump-start your memory to type the correct expression. You can also abbreviate the terms that because of their recurrence, you can expect to hear.

Make it a habit to take down notes

Before the recording begins, have your pen and note-board ready.  Here you just get 7 seconds to listen and write. Do not fall behind in listening. Do not panic if it occurs, and be rational. It might sound weird, but maybe you can guess the right ending. Do not forget that you have nothing to lose here!

Do extensive reading and listening

Reading will help to improve your spelling and grammar.

Contrary to common opinion, watching videos is not the best method for enhancing your listening abilities.

From visual contexts, much of what you understand can be inferred.

Hence, listen to podcasts with different participants about subjects you enjoy, when you drink your morning tea or coffee, or during your meal.

You will naturally feel interested and compelled to thoroughly understand.

Follow these tips to do well in this writing task of the PTE exam.



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